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Email Marketing Remain in your customers’ minds

Build a strong relationship with your customers via email marketing.

Through interactive, relevant content, emails educate and engage your audience with special offers, news, and information – professional, yet personalized to resonate with recipients’ needs. Email marketing also reinforces your social media presence, where your messages may be lost in the feed.

When done correctly, email marketing can still be a valuable marketing tool. However, it’s important to note that nowadays, savvy consumers dislike overt sales pitches. The secret to success lies in creating quality content, not the quantity of messages sent.

Our email marketing methodology includes:

  1. Message creation
    We’ll help you craft content that engages and generates action – whether it’s a sale, a content download, or an inquiry. Our messages incorporate engaging subject lines, personalized greetings, compelling headers and body content, calls to action, and A/B testing.
  2. HTML design
    We’ll design and code an HTML email with attractive graphics to help communicate your message.
  3. Landing page design
    We’ll develop a landing page to funnel your campaign traffic, with targeted forms to help you get more information and convert leads.
  4. List segmentation
    We’ll segment your lists so that you can speak to each group in their own language.
  5. Delivery and reporting
    We’ll deliver your messages on time, keep track of the results, and report back to you.

From automated customer service messages and product promotions, to monthly newsletters, we’ll reach your customers with professionalism and respect – and inspire action as well.

Email Marketing Samples

Hero’s Sports Bar & Grill

heros email marekting


numberall email marketing

Beal’s Lobster Pier

beals email marketing

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