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    Pulse was approached by Numberall Stamp & Tool Co., Inc., an existing client looking to expand into a new market under a new business called CypherSafe. The goal was to differentiate the business’s security products that protect private keys in a market that is steadily growing due to the popularity of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Because of the fast-paced nature of the industry, there was a short turnaround time to get the products online and ready for sale.


    Pulse created a strategy to position CypherSafe as a safe and reliable security tool provider in the cryptocurrency industry due to its relationship with Numberall, an expert in the metal marking industry for nearly 90 years. The CypherSafe brand was created to express strength and security, the most important factors for those looking to protect their private keys. Pulse also created a fun mascot to give the brand some personality: a dog guarding a broken hardware wallet—further expressing the need for CypherSafe’s durable, tamper-evident metal products.


    Following brand creation, Pulse performed a product photo shoot to use for subsequent materials. The photo shoot included closeups of each product and the various tools that are used to mark and secure a private key. Armed with new product images Pulse designed a website for CypherSafe that focused on the main benefits of CypherSafe products: ease of use, cost-effectiveness, and resistance to damage. The products and tools were made available for purchase through the site’s ecommerce platform, which is also equipped with the ability to accept cryptocurrencies for payment—an important aspect requested by the Client for customers who frequently use this method of payment for transactions. The site was also optimized for search engines to help the company compete with the various companies who offer similar products.

    Pulse also designed a brief flyer speaking to CypherSafe’s key benefits that the Client could bring to events, as well as a sticker of the CypherSafe mascot. Pulse also created and branded a new Twitter profile for the company to share news and updates about security products and to join in on the conversation about cryptocurrency protection.


    CypherSafe is now equipped with a new brand and mascot to position the company among its competitors as a safe and reliable option for protecting a private key. Pulse was able to develop the CypherSafe website in a short turnaround time to allow customers to easily purchase products and tools, as well as having the option to use a cryptocurrency as a payment method for these products. The supporting print materials and digital presence on Twitter create brand awareness for CypherSafe and give the company an avenue for outreach to prospective customers.

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