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    Numberall Stamp & Tool Co., a metal marking equipment manufacturer, approached Pulse Marketing Agency for assistance redesigning their websites, expanding their online presence and designing a new product catalogue. Numberall’s goal was to keep the simplicity and usability of their existing website while giving the company, which has been in business since 1930, a modern feel.


    Pulse designed, developed and optimized a new responsive website for Numberall, focusing on usability for current customers, while providing a new way for prospective clients to learn more about the company’s marking devices. The custom coded Product Chooser Tool allows web visitors to submit information based on a pre-set list of options, which helps them find a marking device that best meets their needs. We also developed a new Spanish version of their website with the help of a third party translation service to ensure language accuracy.

    Marketing Strategies

    In addition to the development of the two new responsive websites, we launched an inbound marketing strategy consisting of downloadable educational resources about their products. We also craft monthly emails, which include product news, maintenance information, and updates to keep their current customers informed. As part of our inbound marketing strategy we designed e-mail workflows and automation to streamline and simplify their sales process from initial inquiry to conversion, helping their sales team qualify leads based on a pre-determined score system, and increase conversion rates.

    We also write content for their blog, which focuses on helping prospective customers learn more about Numberall Stamp & Tool Co. products. The blogs and educational resources are shared on social media, where we post news, product updates, video tutorials, and other relevant information on their behalf.


    Pulse Marketing Agency successfully developed and optimized two responsive websites for Numberall Stamp & Tool Co. focusing on mobile usability, while emphasizing their brand’s strong reputation for manufacturing quality products. By using inbound marketing strategies like email marketing, educational resource downloads, video tutorials, and social media, we increased their online exposure and traffic to their website. We helped capture leads for the business by using inbound marketing channels and tracked the efficacy of our outreach to optimize our strategy.

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